Alloy wheels

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                Alloy wheels shop is a trusted Turriff Tyres store to get any kinds of wheels or tyres you need to upgrade the comfort of your car.

It does have various brand new product that will suit best your car, with a competitive price. Now, save your energy, time and money. 

See What Alloy Wheels Give You!


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                Alloy wheels which are widely chosen by people. Alloys give lighter feeling compared to the steel. When the wheels are lighter, it means your car has quicker acceleration and stopping.

Aesthetic appeal

                Alloys wheels have a more stylish appearance compared to other types of wheels with standard size from 13 to 18 inches. This kind of wheels have several variety of finishes too such as chrome, painted, machined or polished.

Better deceleration

                Auto alloys give you better deceleration as well. Alloys allow more brake clearance that increases brake performance. Using the wheels, no need to push the pedal so hard because with just a little move, your car will gradually decelerate.

High durability

                Nobody wants to pay more and more to change the wheels of their car. That is another reason for them to select alloy wheels rather than the steel ones. The mixture between aluminum and other metals makes the wheels even stronger and durable than the steel.

Increased the value of the car

                Every single part car determines the value of the vehicle when you sell it. The use of alloy wheels also play important roles to upgrade the price of your car. Considering some benefits like higher durability, better acceleration and deceleration, and adorable look?