About alloy wheels shop

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Throughout the years, we’ve experimented with a wide variety of tyres, wheels and everything in between. We understand how important it is for you to fit the appropriate wheels and tyres to your car. Rest assured that we’d never let you down! Our alloy wheels shop has been in operation for over 35 years, within the automotive market of the United Kingdom. Our selection includes many automotive products including winter tyres, alloy wheels and performance alloys, but this isn’t all.


We offer numerous products that may be able to boost the performance of your vehicle, which is exactly what you desire. In order to make this happen, we offer the best of the best including Dunlop, Goodyear, Continental, but it doesn’t stop there! We also provide our customers with CNC custom drilled wheels to ensure you get the exact fitment that you desire. If you’re looking for total convenience, we’re willing to offer wheels, which are fitted with programmed TPMS valves to match your vehicle’s specifications. This will help to ensure that your vehicle looks awesome and performs excellently.

Do not forget about the awesome quick fit, which ensures that your wheel and tyre package perfectly fits your vehicle. Whether you’re looking for a staggered wheels setup or RS4 alloys, we’ve got you covered. If performance alloys or deep dish alloys are up your alley, we’ll make sure that you’ll get it. Overall, your wish is our concern and we’ll make sure that you get what you want it, when you want it. How do we do this? We offer extremely quick shipping to ensure that you don’t have to wait for your items. Be sure to use our convenient online shop to make your purchase. If you need assistance, just call us or drop us an email and we’ll respond, as quickly as possible.