Staggered wheels

Adding Staggered Wheels

Customizing your vehicle is all about appearance and performance.

While many people do not know it, there are certainly a variety of different ways to add a little bling to your vehicle, but nothing is better looking than the staggered wheels.

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The Concept


Overall, the concept of staggered wheels is actually very simple. Although the results might be intricate and complex, the concept is basic. Simply put, the back wheels are a tad bit bigger than the front wheels. In general, you will see that this setup is frequently used on specific vehicles, such as BMWs, Mercedes and Ford Mustangs plus many more. If you wish to try out this arrangement on your vehicle, you’ll want to take a little time to choose a bigger or wider set of tyres for the rear of your vehicle. Many people suggest going a little wider. For instance, if you have 19x8 wheels on the front, you should consider 19x9.5 wheels on the back. This will stagger the wheels to the best degree.


Improved Performance


In truthfulness, there are many individuals that feel like there are no real advantages to this setup, aside from the enhanced appearance. Still, some people believe that this type of formation makes it possible to have added grip or traction in the rear. The truth of the matter is that the benefits will vary depending on your specific vehicle, model and setup. With a little experimentation, you’ll certainly be able to find out what works best for you.


Awesome Appearance


Of course, the biggest benefit of this type of arrangement comes with the overall look of the vehicle. The setup is somewhat rare and will be difficult to ignore. You’ll certainly receive a lot of positive feedback, when you drive your vehicle around the town.


The Disadvantages


It would certainly be hard not to mention the negatives of setting up your tyres in this manner. For instance, you will no longer be able to rotate your tyres. On the other hand, you should remember that this type of setup is likely going put more wear and tear on your tyres. This is the case, because the vehicle sets in a way that makes it difficult to spread the wear among all tyres.




At the end of the day, this may be more of a personal preference than anything else. Still, there is no denying that this formation is beautiful, eye-catching and totally attractive. Everyone, who is interested in customizing his or her vehicle, will certainly want to experiment with this arrangement.


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