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Customize Your Audi With The Perfect Tyre And Rim

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In today’s trend-crazed world, every Audi owner will at some point decide to customize their ride with a set of stylish wheels and tyres. This is not to say that the performance and comfort is not desired, but only that the customary appearance will draw attention to their luxury car.

Customized Audi Wheels


There is no better way to show the pride and joy of your Audi than to enhance its appearance with a sleek set of wheels. There are innumerable finishes to select from including:

  • Chrome offers a bright, mirror finish
  • Polished is a bare aluminium, high polished finish, without a clear coat
  • Machine results in a flattened, medium brilliance
  • Painted offers a contrast of modern colour and texture

Your choice of finish will be totally reliant on your specific preferences. Each wheel goes through a series of processes that gives it the perfect finish every time. Some finishes require periodic maintenance and a weekly wash with soap and water.


Specifics for Audi Vehicles

Typically, Audi vehicles tend to be suitable for some very specific rims. Most of the time, they’ll have a five-stud pattern with a total of five or more spokes. These wheels can be cast in an assortment of different manners, whether by gravity casting, forging or low-pressure casting. Most modern car enthusiasts tend to stick with the forging type, because they offer more strength. However, if you’re looking for affordability, you’ll want to consider something that has been gravity casted.

The Staggered Setup

In general, there are a few individual benefits that come with the staggered wheel setup. For instance, it is suggested that this type of arrangement can help to provide your vehicle with more rear traction. Of course, the biggest advantage is the cool appearance of the vehicle, when the wheel fitment have been staggered. With this type of setup, the back wheels are slightly wider than the front. If you’re looking to impress, you’ll certainly want to go with this type of fitment, since it is somewhat unique and will definitely capture the imagination.

Tyre Technology 

Although many individuals may be intimidated by the modern tyre technology, they should not allow this to overpower their thought process, when purchasing a new set of tyres. A high-quality tyre will provide much comfort, high performance, and enhanced driving ability on dry and wet pavement. An update to a larger diameter wheel and tyre will definitely spruce up your Audi’s appearance. 


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