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Choosing the Best BMW Wheels for your car

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If you happen to own a luxurious vehicle, such as a BMW, it is imperative to have the appropriate BMW wheels to match the extravagance and beauty of the automobile. The days of the old chrome wheels have disappeared, with an assortment of styles taking their place, but this isn’t all. It is of the utmost importance to select the right wheels, by choosing the appropriate characteristics that sticks closely to the modern standards. Below, you’ll discover exactly what is needed to fit your BMW with the most attractive wheels on the market.

Customizing your BMW with Bigger Rims

In the past few years, consumers have leaned towards bigger and bolder rims and tyres. It is certainly true that your vehicle will not stand out, unless it has unique and eye-catching tyres. However, it is important to ensure you choose the appropriate size, which will prevent placing unnecessary stress on your vehicle’s breaking system. Also, make sure to choose tyres that fit the required usage for your vehicle. Remember that the length of the sidewall is crucial, since this is the portion of the tyre that takes the brunt of the impact, when driven. If you’re creating a show car, this will not be a huge issue.

Rim Styles

Styles of rims have actually taken on an art form of their own, with an innumerable amount of styles to choose from. Today’s trends tend to encourage the consumer to go bigger and crazier. If you’re able to choose something original, you’ll be able to captivate other car enthusiasts, with your unique style. When attempting to select rims, it is of the utmost importance to ensure that the color matches perfectly with your vehicle’s exterior design. Remember that the old chrome rims of the past are still somewhat popular, but more stylish and eye-catching designs are quickly becoming more attractive.

Staggered Wheels for the BMW

Since you own a BMW, you should certainly consider going with a staggered fitment. Although this may seem complicated, the term can be simplified to provide easier comprehension. When wheels are staggered, it simply means that the front wheels are slightly smaller than the back. By fitting your front tyres with 19x8 wheels and your back with 19x9.5, you’ll be staggering your wheels. This has certainly become a modern trend, which improves the performance of your vehicle, while also enhancing the aesthetic value.
Wheel Constructions and Materials
In general, rims are constructed of two types of metal, either steel or aluminum. Most original BMW wheels from the manufacturer are steel wheels. When making the transition to customization, you’ll want to switch to aluminum of alloy, which can be broken down into three individual constructions.
One-Piece – As the name suggests, the wheels are made from one single mold.
Billet – Here, the aluminum is forged into the rim.
Multi-piece – These can contain an arrangement of different metals and constructions. For instance, aluminum could account for the center, with the outer being made of steel.


When attempting to purchase wheels and tyres for your BMW, it is imperative to add a tinge of your own individualized style to the arrangement. Still, it is best to stick with modern trends and consider a staggered fitment. It is helpful to set a budget and stick to it. This will help to set your BMW ride apart from the rest.


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